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So he gave up and said he didn’t give a damn about women. Second, Fixing these things not only improves your ability to date, but also meet the right women, have a great sex life, and have rewarding relationships. Let me explain: No matter how crappy you feel about your life now. If you play games with women when you feel vulnerable, you will attract women who play games with you when they feel the same. ) If you act in a fake way to impress women, you will attract women who feel like they need to be entertained and are attracted to a version of you feel?But third, and most important, there are little to no techniques to learn in order to do fix these things. One that embraces your values, boundaries, interests, sexuality, and independence. Having a dating life that’s even moderately functional can sometimes seem impossible. This makes you feel miles away from ever handling this part of your life. ) But if you’re emotionally honest, you won’t tolerate (or will scare away) women who aren’t. Understanding who you are and respecting that above your need for emotional validation from attention or sex is the best way to increase the quality of your relationships with women.Hiring a dating coach for men can cut down on the amount of time it would normally take you to reach these goals. Make sure you choose a coach who is qualified – like me, they’ve done the real life work, and can use their past experiences to create rock-solid strategies for their clients.A FEW WEEKS AGO, I was working with a guy who always ended up chasing and losing every woman he dated. So he tried learning sleazy “techniques” and ended up worse off than he started.

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Are you worried about your personal appeal or attractiveness towards men?

It's true, most men care a lot about the way women look. The force of attraction will keep your man coming back to you again and again.

The Academy will improve your attraction level to men by pinpointing incongruency in your presentation.

Remember that guy I was working with who chased women away?

He now goes on dates and decides if Remember that guy I was working with who couldn’t flirt?

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