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From 1988 onwards, all international bank transfers were done with ISO 8601 international dates. According to a spokesperson from the Canadian Payments Association, all formats for reporting the date are equally acceptable – no matter if you choose to write the day, month, or year first.Though this is largely due to the demands of ubiquitous technology, it’s still a huge victory for the Big-Endians. However, all Canadian checks have date field indicators, which must be filled out prior to deposit or else the bank will not accept the payment.French speakers consistently write the date with the day first ().The government endorses all these forms when using words, but only recommends the ISO format for all-numeric dates to avoid error.The article le is required in prose except when including the day of the week in a date.When writing a date for administrative purposes (such as to date a document), one can write the date with or without the article.In China, it would be 2015/06/08 and in some places, like India, you could toggle between 06/08/20/06/08. S., there is one country whose date-keeping stands out: Canada. From Prince Edward Island to Vancouver—you can pretty much write the date however you like. This obviously raises questions: how does this make sense?Do people really have no standard way of noting the days? The problem with date notation is that there really isn’t a right or wrong way to do it.

For example, the seventh day of January 2016 can be written as: Even in the United States, where the month-day-year sequence is even more prevalent, the Chicago Manual of Style recommends the day-month-year format for material that requires many full dates, since it does not require commas and has wider international recognition.07/04/01 could represent a date in 2001 or 2007, or maybe even 2004. It will be like this until 2012, a period that I call the Age of Great Confusion.The digits can be confused with either the month or the day. Because of the problem I mentioned above with ‘10 March’, the problem will be especially severe from 2010-2012, a period I call the Age of Maximum Confusion.” It’s not like people hadn’t been trying to solve this problem in the past, though. the International Standards Organization (ISO) came up with a 33-page document describing a standard called “ISO 860”, that states that the international standard for dates is yyyy-mm-dd.Taken on its own, mm/dd/yyyy is just as effective at communicating the intended message–the date–in the same way that dd/mm/yyyy is. And the “Age of Maximum Confusion.” Endianness is the sequencing of bytes of digital data in computer memory.However, agreeing on a notation matters for things like vacation planning, bank transfers and missile launches. The term comes from Jonathan Swift’s famous work, Gulliver’s Travels.

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