Dating between catholics and protestants

A year or so ago I started dating my now girlfriend, everything about our relationship is so great. She mentioned to me she would only marry a catholic man.

She said she wanted a man that shared her own faith.

I could go nowhere else, and frankly, when I visit other communities for weddings, funerals etc, they feel somehow empty.

I have heard that the Catholic Church claims to have the “fulness of faith” and I believe it.

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Now this leads to a fourth difference I should like to point out, and probably one good reason a Catholic would want only to marry a Catholic. Therefore, the typical Protestant must conclude that the Catholic is engaging in a form of idolatry, albeit accidentally, for he is giving glory to bread and wine what is due only to God.

Now you might say, “But I don’t believe all these different churches to be what I believe.” True. But you all use practically the same method and materials to derive these contradictory beliefs, do you not? The early Church in Acts all met “of one accord” - total agreement. I was not Catholic when I married a Catholic woman.

What is different in form between the way a Baptist and the way a non-denominational interpret Scripture? :shrug: My point, then, basically is not to incriminate you particularly, but to point out that, frankly, all Protestants truly do interpret the Bible through the lens of sola scriptura - the Bible alone and isolated from anything or anyone but the interpreter - and this is a vital, almost incompatible difference between Catholics and Protestants. I was not even Christian - never having been baptized.

Correct me if I am wrong, catholics are christians.

I believe I have a stronge relationship with Christ. Because there are a few different practices than the other dominations, do Catholics believe they cannot be yoked with non denominational christians?

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