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Back then, the factory was the center of the working class, but today we find the working class mainly in the service sector.And why would we say that producing cars is more important than producing hamburgers?Her actions as First lady however, have provoked a second debate.

But within the union movement these trades councils were always regarded as inferior forms of organizing labor.And the neighborhood councils, he said, have a better understanding of what the conditions of the whole working class are compared to the sectoral understanding of workplace organizing.Workplace organizers used to know very well what a steelworker was, but they didn’t understand what the proletariat was about as a whole.If we understand that the left is a mirror image of what we are criticizing, then maybe what we should do is to break the mirror and get out of this symbiotic relationship with what we are criticizing.First of all, the factory-form has not disappeared—you still find factories in Bangladesh or in China.

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