Communicator contact card not updating

2.) The client itself does not seem to update, however, the does update.It seems like there is simply a break in communication between those 2 pieces, so is it necessary to force the update, when the update seems fine anyways? Also refer to the Microsoft documentation that also confirms the proper paths...Using my own machine as a test I have verified the local Gal does actually show the users proper job title, but not the client.As a test, I deleted the Gal and Gal idx on my local machine, completely exited the MOC, ran ABServer -syncnow on the front end servers, waited about 15 minutes, signed back in to MOC and then waited for the random sync to the server then verified the Gal does still indeed contain the proper job titles for the users, but MOC still does not show it.It seems to be only on the client GUI that is having the troubles.For example, we use Exclaimer on our mail servers for mandatory signatures, and those are correct.I have tested deleting/recreating the and idx files on several of our support engineers computers, and opening it in Notepad shows the proper job title.Not sure what permissions would have changed, is there a document somewhere that states the basic permissions needed?

It is highly possible that OCS patches came out at the end of January that were not applied.However, if you open the contact properties of the user in the MOC, basically showing you their AD attributes, it is correct here. :( MOC Client version is: 3.5.6907.221 It appears to be less of a server issue and more of a client issue. Jdtuck one thing I would try to do is right-click the Communicator shortcut and try Run as Administrator, although that is just a quick guess.Isn't it supposed to be reading the local Gal .am I incorrect in assuming that? Perhaps some file permissions to the locally created databases?We are running MS OCE 2007 R2 and this was brought to our attention a few weeks ago for 1 specific user, but research yesterday shows it to be a wider-spread issue.Starting around the first of February 2011, we have found if we change someones title under the organization tab of Active Directory (2003) it does not appear to update in the MOC.

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