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She was shocked and saddened to learn that Ward had been a member of HYDRA. Simmons continued to try and find a cure, running out of time before she would succumb to the virus completely. agent whose cover had been blown, Simmons extracted a storage device from his nasal cavity, containing all of the intel that he had gathered.

During the HYDRA Uprising, Simmons was an active participant in hunting for John Garrett and the rest of the Centipede Project. However, Coulson came to realize that Simmons was infected, causing him to put her in quarantine.

He moved to North Florida about five years ago, but during January out of the blue, he came up with the idea of introducing Cameron and me to each other, and the rest is beautiful history! When we first started dating we wanted to go through a Bible study or Christian relationship book together, so he bought us a book called "101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged." We went through some of it, but never finished it.

When he came over to my house on Friday December 14 to meet me before going to dinner in Thomasville (since the rain had ruined our plans to attend Victorian Christmas downtown), he had that very book in his hand and asked me if we were finished with it.

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But when an electric current is applied, the gravitonium solidifies. The team was sent into rescue Hall from Quinn's island home, with Simmons, Melinda May and Fitz observing Skye as she infiltrated an event held by Quinn. But she heard from Fitz that he was killed by Hive who managed to return to Earth. Coulson, May, and Skye investigated a robbery where a group of military officers, escorting some diamonds were taken down by one woman who did it with her eyes closed. Simmons then dedicated her time to attempt to reopen the portal, determined to bring back Daniels. When Coulson attempted to shut down the machine, he failed, so Simmons told him to then find a catalyst, forcing Coulson to kill him. Although she did not trust him, he appointed Simmons as his advisor in science and technology, which led to her becoming one of the superiors in the organization. Simmons checked on Peterson and confirmed him to still be alive. As Simmons, Fitz, and Skye were inspecting the 0-8-4, they soon came under attack, causing them to have to escape with the Peruvian rebels only to face an armed takeover of the Bus. D.'s new Director after the signing of the Sokovia Accords. Simmons and Fitz eventually found a way to tranquilize Peterson without killing him and were able to give Grant Ward the Night-Night Gun before Peterson would cause an explosion from the Extremis.

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