Calgary comic expo speed dating

But the increase in female attendees has allowed cons to explore a completely different programming option; speed dating.

Geeks, particularly males ones, do not have the best romantic reputations.

While female geeks are there to take in everything from comics to video games and more, they are definitively leading the charge on the cosplay front.

More than a few women have made names for themselves at cons as preeminent and exceptionally talented cosplayers.

This isn’t something exclusive to our section of the cultural sphere.This is the night where I usually do my shopping, as it’s a little quieter, and everything is nice and full so you can get the pick of the litter, so to speak.The vendor’s hall is packed to the brim, and Artist’s Alley is no joke either.How old school fans feel about that is determined on a case-by-case basis.One of the positive changes in con culture has been an increase in the number of female geeks attending what used to be a damn near 100% male dominated experience.

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