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A wife’s conversation (speech, attitude, and body language) is critical to the spirit in the home.

God’s commandments to husbands are between the husbands and God.

The Christian landscape is littered with marriages that were destroyed due to a single root of bitterness that sprang up like a Kudzu vine and choked the life from a previously successful couple.

It is better not to purchase the field that is already overrun with Kudzu when you’re trying to grow grapes. It is often stated that couples struggle over two primary things: communication and money.

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Consequently, it would be prudent to converse regularly about the approach of the home virtual dating; what japanese women inasia. play virtual dating games the dating games, body rub in chicago, asiam girl? Money is a tool for purchasing power, the ability to be a blessing to others, to provide for the ministry, and to glorify God.Loving it causes destruction; sowing it well reaps a wonderful harvest. Samson and Solomon failed to become what God intended them to be.

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