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The BC Rich Mockingbird was designed by Johnny "Go-Go" Kessel. The Mockingbird model experienced a resurgence in the early 90's through Guns N' Roses lead guitarist Slash after he played one on the Use Your Illusion world tour.The most popular of the BC Rich line is the BC Rich "Bich" 10 string model.His contribution was the iconic setup with coil taps, a phase switch, a Varitone and a defeatable active preamp (or two in some models).This electronics package continues to this day on higher end models.

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During his time with BC Rich, he conceived, designed, and built the first Bich 10 string prototype guitar.

After Class Axe took over there were a number of different serial schemes designated for the American, Asian and Bolt-on guitars.

This model was made popular by Brad Whitford of Aerosmith and Neil Giraldo (guitarist and also husband of Pat Benatar) also played his Eagle on some of her early albums and videos.

The Bich guitar was never owned by Bernie Rico/BC Rich.

The design was licensed to BC Rich under contract with Neal Moser.

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