Are edward and bella dating in real life 2016 Pinoy freesexchat

, Stewart is only using Cargile’s name to save her relationship with Pattinson from the paparazzi.

The outlet further revealed that there are millions of fans that are convinced that their beloved Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are still together and are living in the same apartment.

Despite all the rumors swirling around the former couple, an insider revealed to “They haven’t drifted apart [despite claims], but they haven’t spoken as much lately because of his filming schedule.

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Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.Kristen Stewart has apparently moved on from her previous relationship, and we didn’t even know that she was single.Up until very recently, Stewart has been in a relationship with Alicia Cargile, her personal assistant.Yes, Isabella Marie Swan (Bella) is dating Edward Anthony Masen Cullen (Edward) in the Twilight books and movies. Bella Swan is a fictional character, so she has no "real life boyfriend." In the novel, it is Edward Cullen. In real life, Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) made a confirmation that he was dating Kristen Stewart (Bella) which was featured in many… In the Twilight books, he is married to Isabella Swan. If you are referring to the actress, Kirsten Stewart, it is rumored that she is still dating Robert Pattinson--the actor…

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