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The toolkit provides due-diligence processes for selecting, training and embedding ethical business practices within bottling partners’ operations.

It covers 24 diverse scenarios that a bottler might encounter and ways to handle those scenarios.

In order to protect our Company’s reputation, it is vital that we not only understand and appreciate the importance of this policy, but comply with it in our daily work.

For protection, many countries impose stiff duties on products they believe are being dumped in their national market, undercutting local businesses and markets.We review internal factors, including capital expenditures and past audit results, as well as relevant external factors.With input from senior management and corporate audit teams, we are able to determine where to focus our anti-corruption efforts.We refreshed our training in 2016 and continue to direct resources to training and support in order to assist local management in avoiding corruption.All employees receive training when hired on the Code of Business Conduct, which includes Anti-Bribery expectations.

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