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He is the protagonist of the films, appears in a single special episode in The Penguins of Madagascar, and as a cameo in All Hail King Julien.Alex is was the self-proclaimed king of the New York Central Park Zoo.After overcoming his hunting instincts, Alex works to defend Marty, and was later given sushi by the Penguins to satisfy his hunger.Before Alex (whose birth name is revealed to be Alakay) encounters his parents, Zuba and Florrie who were overjoyed to see their son, he re-encounters Nana the old lady, and starts fighting but later allowing Nana to win so he could acquire her purse so he may use her cell phone and attempt to reach an operator.His father learns to respect his habits, and they decided to stay in Africa instead of flying home with the penguins.On Alex's birthday in Africa, he and his friends decide that it is high time that they returned home to New York, as they are tired of waiting for the Penguins to return from their trip to Monte Carlo.Zuba was mad at Alex after realizing that he is not a fierce warrior.The next day, the watering hole is shown to have been dried up, and Alex leaves with Marty to find out the cause of it.

During one of the sessions, Alex was captured by poachers; and in an attempt to save his son, Zuba pursues the poachers' truck.The group ends up going to Monte Carlo on their own via swimming, in hopes of finding the Penguins and convincing them to take them home.Unfortunately, they were spotted by the humans in the casino where the Penguins were hiding and ended up becoming a target of the animal control.Zuba assumes that Alex is strong after hearing that he is the "King of New York" and arranges a rite of passage into the pride.Makunga, Zuba's rival, persuades Alex to challenge Teetsi during Alex's rite of passage.

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