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Despite these numbers and the taboos which already surround talking about sex, a faith based advocacy group called "Citizen Go" has petitioned the government against introducing a new Comprehensive Sex Education or CSE program in schools, which would go hand-in-hand with the start of Kenya's revised school curriculum.

The regional campaign manager, Ann Kioko, says that the proposed curriculum will lead to children becoming more promiscuous, not less.

"Why we are rejecting this curriculum is because it is a foreign based curriculum that is being imported to Africa," argues Kioko. It teaches children that they are sexual from the time that they are born and that they can experiment with their bodies as early as when they are five years old," she continues.

According to the government, comprehensive sexuality education is an age appropriate skill based curriculum empowering young people with accurate information about sex.

"We have girls who start their periods at the age of nine, meaning by the time they sit for their exams they are at risk of doing it pregnant if someone doesn't talk about it." Adhiambo herself caught up with school, but at age 23, she says she would have liked to finish her education before having a child.

What should be taught in schools According to surveys, over a third of the teenagers between the age of 15 and 19 in Kenya have already had sex.

And so we must just be pragmatic to respond to these issues in our context," Obuyi says.

I was like, how am I supposed to know where to get condoms if not from you?

The procedure has raised hopes about saving the highly endangered animals. Please make sure to include your name and your country.

US President Donald Trump has announced a plan to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in America.

The executive director from the Center for the Study of Adolescence Kenya, Albert Obuyi, thinks that education and the bible are not mutually exclusive.

"If all of us were faithful to our religion, there would be no teenage pregnancies and sexual violence.

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