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In fact, journalist Ronan Farrow has said he was also the victim of attempted blackmail by the company.For now at least, Bezos is controlling the narrative around his dealings with AMI — and the naked pictures of him have become one of the least consequential parts of the story.AMI said on Friday that it would investigate his allegations.All this has important implications for Trump, AMI, and the process by which powerful people in America can keep information about them hidden.Studies from 20 both found that sexting was mostly indicative of attachment anxiety, so the sexting-as-foreplay finding here may be the sign of a cultural shift.

Bezos’s case is complicated by the fact that he was married at the time, but sources close to him have said he separated from his wife before he began seeing Sanchez.

And let’s not forget what it’s truly useful for: relocating, ahem, private images you don’t want others to see when you hand them your phone to show them a picture.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the richest man in the world, just publicly admitted that he sent nude selfies to his girlfriend.

They also filled out quizzes regarding how great of a sense of relationship commitment they needed to send a sext; how afraid they felt of being single; their anxiety about being judged by who they’re dating; and a quiz asking how anxious (e.g., agreeing with the statement “My desire to be very close sometimes scares people away”) and avoidant (e.g., “I try to avoid getting too close to my partner”) they were about attaching to people.

The researchers found that sexting was predicted by two different emotional patterns: A higher likelihood of sexting came with a low level of attachment avoidance — meaning that you don’t fear getting too close, which itself is an indicator of a strong, secure relationship.

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