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) Below are the common types of women single grownup men have told me about. Read the general description of each here, or start reading more about each Femitype, starting with The Princess — click here.

The Princess The Princess is confident, well put together, and very attractive. She still follows “The Rules” and requires that her man do what she wants when she wants. She’s a scorekeeper, and she alone decides when he’s given enough to satisfy her…or when he hasn’t and is history.

Especially with stuff that he might relate to and stuff that you might relate to.

Why don't you ask your father how he feels about it? If a couple has a happy, consensual and satisfying relationship, factors such as age, background or looks become meaningless. You're both adults , although there will be times where the age gap might cause problems.

Here are some of their stories of dating after 40; dating that never turned into relationships, this is.

(Guys, if you’re reading this…get in touch if you want to share!

OP, I've said it many times: different maturity levels, being at different life stages or having different desires and expectations are all valid reasons why an age-gap relationship might not work out, but age itself is basically irrelevant. why should age matter if personality and maturity is there?

i mean, i dont mean to be a killjoy here, but in twilight, that guy was hundreds of years older and the girl was 17...

Her life isn’t going the way she wants and she just can’t figure out why.

Just like how you’ve dated your share of challenging types of men like the disappearing/reappearing Pinger, the Couch Potato, and the older-and-balder-than-his-profile-guy…men meet and enter into relationships with less-than-impressive types of women.

I’ve talked to countless single men over the years about their experiences with women, especially those in midlife and beyond.

The Princess has an “I deserve it” attitude and has little or no concern for how she can make the other person happy.

She insists he give and give with little or no reciprocity; after all, he’s The Man and she’s his prize!

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