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A flash of light like from flash bulb from a camera. When I was just by the wall I heard a man’s voice then a woman’s. That is when I saw a very pretty blonde woman in her early thirties wearing a light summer dress and high heels partially bent over a table with a pair of panties around her ankles and her dress slightly pulled up from behind.Behind her on his knees is a fully clothed man presumably a spouse or boy friend with a camera taking pictures of what can only be described as a truly magnificent bare bum.However for me to get a better view of the girl, I would have to move.Moving would mean that I would risk being seen by that girl.About 10 minutes from my house, my car breaks down. This park has a couple softball diamonds, a leash free dog area and some play areas for k**s with swings, slides and other various things that k**s can climb: on, up, in and through.Of course, my phone is dead and the chances of me flagging down a ride in my dirty clothes is as my boss says are ‘slim and none and slim just left town.’ I manage to push my car a little further off the road and figure the best thing to do is to walk home and get my neighbor to help me get my car home. They also have a couple rain shelters with walls that are about five feet high but are open above and a roof slopes down to about where the walls stop.A phone call around 7 AM is never good and I was thinking of not answering it, but that isn’t how I roll.

Last night, I had a few drinks with the lady next door.

As she posed, I feel my cock getting harder and harder in my shorts.

In fact, it was getting so hard that I had to make a few adjustments so that my dick had room to expand within the confines of my filthy, denim cut-off shorts.

The lady next door is recently divorced and very attractive.

I am having a hard time not try to put a move on her, but I am trying to play it cool with her as the divorce wounds are still fresh.

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