100 beautiful women dating sites

Imagine being with this woman, getting along just perfect, deeply in love, and having a great connection every day.Bliss…If any of the above sparks your interest and you want to learn how to get a girlfriend then you need to pay attention.Reality Check: Driving a car at 80mph and changing lanes with other cars on a freeway is more dangerous than approaching and talking to a girl you find attractive.Over 1.3 million people every year die in a car accident whereas not one person has died from saying “hello” to a girl. See, once you know and understand the kinds of personality traits that attract women, then you focus on cultivating those traits in yourself.Do you remember the girl that made you feel the way that no one else could?The energy, excitement and tension that made you feel so alive and you wanted the moment to last forever.

Wait a minute, so you’re telling me that I can’t play video games, drink booze, watch Netflix and smoke who knows what everyday and be attractive to high quality women? To attain a relationship with the woman of your dreams, you need to create an ABUNDANCE MENTALITY.

Then texts to make sure you got home ok, and “likes” all your facebook posts. Women will only respect you for how much you respect yourself.

Believe it or not, women hate being put on a pedestal!

This is a weak mentality of worrying about what others think. No matter how wide, how tall, or how scary, you must try to ride them all in all environments.

Listen up I have news for you: Take surfing for example: During the course of learning how to surf, you can’t just say, “I only want to surf 10 foot waves. Just like surfing, with continuous practice, you can improve with women and dating.

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